Merry Floral
Baton Rouge Floral Design

About Mary


Merry Floral is Mary Johnston

Mary, a Louisiana girl, has never lived elsewhere. Her love for home runs deep, as does her love of travel, new spaces, and new faces. 

As a young girl, Mary and her friend kept a binder - thoughtfully titled "Mary and Ashlyn's Fashions" - in which they kept print-outs and original fashion designs. Ever drawn to handmade, Mary's inspired by texture, color, and fine art, especially works that depict movement and thick oil paintings.

The morning sun casting its movements across her room keeps Mary in bed. Cooking keeps Mary in the kitchen.  Mary is romantic, seeing beauty in the ordinary and overlooked. Merry Floral is an extension of this sentiment.

Growing up, she didn't anticipate a passion for floral design, but Merry has seemed a most natural development.

When Mary's not working with flowers or making her friends laugh, you can probably guess she's at home playing with her dog Maggie.